Hazardous Atmosphere Monitoring Environmental Equipment Maintenance & Calibration

The hazardous atmosphere is responsible factor for a variety of serious and fatal accidents in the marine industry. For this reason it is very important for a seaman to know well the dangers from a toxic/flammable atmosphere and the effective way to control this situation.

Hazardous areas measuring course has been developed to support anyone providing information to, or attending the following:

  • prepares you and your organization for dealing with chemical incidents
  • helps you understand the demands that will be made on you
  • ensures that you know how to interpret the available information
  • helps you and your responders communicate effectively with the emergency services
  • lays the foundation for dealing with more serious incidents requiring a higher level of response

The training uses all modern and necessary tools for effective emergency response. The training covers:

  • A complete analysis of flammability diagram.
  • The role of the Fire 3 factors and how to control these.
  • The inert gas use and the purging operations-gas free condition.
  • An outline of the operational aspects of dealing with an incident
  • A detailed analysis for the toxicity (Common toxic gases, Acute and chronic results, PEL-TLV-TWA-STEL etc.)
  • The interpretation of cargoes Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • The use and calibration/operation and maintenance procedures for all types of gas meters.
  • Questions and answers from Vetting Inspectors about this subject.