Port Security Facility Officer

Those who successfully complete this course should be able to undertake the duties and responsibilities of a Port Facility Security Officer, as defined in section A/17.2 of the ISPS Code, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting an initial comprehensive security survey of the port facility taking into account the relevant Port Facility Security Assessment.
  • Ensuring the development and maintenance of the Port Facility Security Plan.
  • Implementing and exercising the Port Facility Security Plan.
  • Undertaking regular security inspections of the port facility to ensure the continuation of the appropriate security measures.
  • Recommending and incorporating, as appropriate, modification to the Port Facility Security.
  • Plan in order to correct deficiencies and to update the Plan and to take into account the relevant changes to the Port Facility.
  • Ensuring that adequate training has been provided for the personnel responsible for the security of the port facility.
  • Reporting to the relevant authorities and maintaining record of occurrences that threaten the security of the port facility.
  • Coordinating implementation of the Port Facility Security Plan with the appropriate.
  • Company and Ship Security Officer(s).
  • Ensuring that standards of personnel, responsible for securing the port facility, are met
  • Ensuring that security equipment is properly operated, tested, calibrated and maintained, and
  • Assisting Ship Security Officers in confirming the identity of those seeking to board the ship when requested.